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TeXmacs workshop
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Final thank you!

We would like to thank all the participants of the workshop for coming all the way to Portugal! It has been a very fruitful and unique experience to have many of the main developers and power users of TeXmacs meet together. Some feedback from the participants can be found here. We also discussed new ways to collaborate as a community.

As a result of these discussions, it has been decided to single out and specify a few prioritary TeXmacs related tasks. New such tasks may be proposed on the mailing list. Whereas Joris van der Hoeven will continue to do his share of the work, each of these tasks could typically be lead by another member of the TeXmacs team. Please contact Joris if you want to take the responsability to lead one of the tasks. If you just want to participate in one or more tasks, then please contact the respective leaders.

Place of the workshop

The TeXmacs workshop took place from Sunday February 26 until Friday March 2, 2012 at Falésia Hotel, Albufeira, Algarve, Portugal.

Scope of the workshop

The workshop should be of interest for various groups of TeXmacs developers and users: those who simply want to learn TeXmacs better, those who want to participate in the development, as well as people who would like to promote TeXmacs in education, research and elsewhere. No particular technical skills are required in order to participate.

The morning sessions will be dedicated to presentations and discussions. There will be a few basic presentations on TeXmacs and its current developments, as well as more insight presentations about writing style files, plug-ins, and Scheme extensions. We will also animate group discussions on various aspects of the program:

Afternoons will be devoted to programming sessions.


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